Long distance relationships

Online Therapy for long-distance relationships

Distance sucks

In this globalised world, more and more couples are going into long-distance relationships (LDR’s), but let’s face it, the distance remains a bitch.

Distance can worsen the natural rough patches of any relationship and can heighten insecurity, vulnerability and jealousy.

With distance in the mix, you can easily be left wondering if it is worth it, or whether you will ever get that magic back.

Because you are having fewer shared experiences, you may feel as though you have less to talk about or to connect on. You may be worried that the distance is causing you to drift apart.

When LDR’s face challenges, it’s more difficult as you can’t rely on physical touch or even just doing something fun together over the weekend to get you through it.

This makes it that much more important to create the change you need now.

Some good news

Distance isn’t all bad though, by starting online therapy now you can use this time not only to work on the relationship but to work on yourselves as individuals.

Using this time apart to reflect on who you are and build yourself us as a whole healthy human, means that when you come together you will be unstoppable. Investing in the relationship in this way now could lead to a connection in the future that is stronger-than-ever.

This isn’t easy at all, and it can be pivotal to have a professional to help you two to have a structured committed time where you voice the difficulties and work on your relationship together.

Being in a LDR and enduring the distance is a testament to how much you appreciate your partner and how significant the relationship is to both of you. By booking therapy sessions you are both showing that this relationship is a big enough priority for you to invest in.

Having been though long distance myself, I know how vulnerable it can make you feel and I remember thinking that I didn’t want to tell my partner everything that I was going through because I didn’t want to burden him with it.

I couldn’t find an online therapist who worked with couples in LDR’s and so I ended up using some of my friends as therapists and unloading all my problems onto them. Let’s just say, this didn’t go well and I wish I could have had the support of a therapist at that time.

Since then I have helped couples to become more assertive of their needs, to process incidents of infidelity and ultimately to feel confident in their relationship as well as in themselves.

When we are no longer able to change the situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” – Viktor E. Frankle

Some MORE good news

I’m currently offering  a FREE Consultation session, where you and your partner can meet me to see if online therapy works for you.

You can then decide to book paying sessions or not, it’s up to you.

So go ahead and book a free consultation session today.

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