Book Therapy Sessions

The therapy process begins with a free online consultation, if you have not yet had this consult please click here to book a free consultation.

Once you’ve met Donna in the consult, if you decide that you’d like to continue therapy with Donna then please fill in the form below. Donna will respond to you with available times as soon as she can.

Once you and Donna have found a suitable time she will send you the link to pay. You can learn more about payments and cancellations here.

You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with your session dates and times. You will also receive an automated reminder e-mail 24 hours before each session.

Book A Therapy Session
Once you've filled out this short form I will get back to you with my availability. It is preferable to stick to the same time and day each week for our sessions.
If yout timezone doesn't appear on this list, please include it in the space provided under 'Other concerns that you'd like Donna to be aware of' at the end of this form.
Donna will do her best to accomodate you when replying to this with her available time-slots.
All online sessions are done using Zoom. In-person sessions are conducted at Donna's home office in Fulham, London.