Couples therapy

Couple’s Therapy

Take a moment and ask yourself if your relationship is bringing you the joy and meaning that you both deserve?

Maybe you’re finding that you’re not as connected as you used to be. Maybe some negative patterns are forming or an event has thrown you two off track. Perhaps some difficulties with trust, money or uncertainty are arising.

I’m sure you want to move forward together. But it’s difficult to take future steps in a relationship when you know there are some things that need to be adjusted or processed first.

You’ve probably seen other couple’s sweep these sorts of things under the rug and continue with their lives. And so you know the long-term damage that this can bring.

You also know that this relationship is significant enough to have a direct impact on your future well-being. So you want to take it seriously and really work to get it right.

And this isn’t easy, there’s never a good time to bring up difficulties in a relationship, right?

Either you are both too angry, stressed or overwhelmed or when things are going really well and you are having a happy day nobody wants to spoil a good time like that.

That makes right now as good a time as any to invest in the relationship, in your shared happiness.

If you want more connection and for your partner to be your rock. If you want real reciprocity and also you’re buddy who you are silly with.

Then you’re probably not going to get this without some change.

Maybe you’ve tried to talk things out but nothing has really stuck and you’ve both eventually gone back into the same negative patterns.

Maybe you’ve spent most of your life being strong for others and you simply haven’t had the space or the time to reflect on how things have impacted you.

You’re so used to saying to people that you’re fine that you are afraid at what would happen if you said you aren’t completely fine.

How would you go about processing things for yourself and in the relationship? Where would you even start?

Maybe you know therapy would be helpful, but there’s a small voice in your head that is worried about feeling judged or worried that therapy will bring to light flaws in the relationship that you weren’t even aware of.

Or is there a subconscious belief that therapy is only for old couples in broken marriages?

That’s why you need a therapist who you both gel with.

Someone, who makes you feel like you can be yourselves.

Someone who is on the side of the relationship, someone who will be kind and insightful, unconcerned with blame and interested in you both flourishing together.

I have helped couples to move past the arguments and daily life difficulties to see what’s behind this and to express their real needs to one another.

And once they have listened and understood one another, they have connected at a deeper level than ever before.

I can help you too.

But, like I said, you and your partner have to feel that your therapist is a good fit for you (how can you know if you will work well with a therapist who you haven’t even met you ask?)

Well you’re in luck

To help you to get a better sense of how couple’s therapy with me works, I am currently offering a FREE Consultation session.

If you’re ready to for change and growth, go ahead and book a free Consultation session today.

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