It’s difficult to begin a therapy process with someone you don’t know. This is why I recommend that you start with a free consultation.

This is simply a chance for us to meet one another and for you to get a sense of what therapy with me feels like. We will talk briefly about what’s going on for you and we can start to look at what you’d like to change through therapy. You can also use this time to ask me any other questions about therapy that you have.

Unlike therapy sessions, consultations are usually about 20-30 minutes long. Consultations are usually done online, however you can request for them to be in-person.

Whether you’re an individual, couple or couple in a long-distance relationship you can book a Free consultation below.

Once we’ve met in the consult, if you decide that you’d like to continue therapy with me you can book your sessions with Donna. By clicking the button below you will fill out a quick form and Donna will respond to you with available times as soon as she can.

Once you and Donna have found a suitable time she will send you the link to pay. You can learn more about payments and cancellations here.

Once you’ve paid, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your session dates and times. You will also receive an automated reminder e-mail 24 hours before each session.