How To Make A Difficult Decision

As an online therapist, I have a lot of clients coming to me for advice on how to make a difficult decision in their life. So I thought I’d make a quick blog on what I’ve found to be helpful.

Here you go…

While yes pros and cons lists are often great in decision making, they probably aren’t going to help too much when it comes to a really difficult decision.

The decision wouldn’t be a difficult one if there were more pros than cons.

So, what can you do?

One thing that I have tried to focus on, when I have had to make difficult decisions in my own life, is my values. What is it that you value in your life that is effected by this decision?

Let’s say you are deciding between staying where you are and moving to another country. This is a complex big decision with a seriously long list of pros and cons.

Start by looking at what you value in staying and what you really value in leaving.

For example, staying might serve your values of security and familiarity and certainty. Whereas leaving might be in line with your values of being with family and of being adventurous and embracing change.

While all of these things might be values to you, it’s often easier to prioritise our values at a given point in  our life.

For example, while I really love security and familiarity and I’m such a creature of habit; I know that in this point in my own life, I’d rather prioritise adventure and embracing change.

I hope you found that helpful and that you start to live more and more of your life in line with what you truly value.

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How My Expat Experience Turned Me On To Online Therapy

My experience traveling through Asia

Living somewhere new can be one of the most invigorating and significant things you will ever experience. It certainly was for me!

I’m from South Africa and I’ve lived in Asia for three years, teaching English in Thailand, South Korea and China. It was a real whirlwind of food, changing landscapes, fascinating cultures and interesting people.

While everything seemed to be changing all the time, one thing stayed the same wherever I went…I was constantly aware of fellow expat friends who were going through deep personal struggles.

Of course I had my own low times too, because, while travelling to foreign lands can be exhilarating, it also tends to accompany a whole host of difficulties. Loneliness, disconnection, discomfort and the reality being different from your expectations, to name a few.

For many expats along my journey this was a career move, for some it was a fresh start and others had moved away to have a space to figure themselves out and process some things.

No matter what brought them to tech overseas, at some point the glamour of a new place began to wear away a bit. When this happens some can be left with a sense of emptiness and stuck with your same old problems in a new environment.





Would I change this…Not for the world!

Even through the hard times, I wouldn’t change my travelling experience for the world! I think that travelling gave me perspective, time for reflection and helped me to figure out I wanted most from my life.

It’s just that the experience itself could be enhanced and even more fulfilling for many of us with proper support. Having a skilled therapist on your side, supporting you, helping you through those rough times, laughing with you through the good and there with you to share in you joys and victories.

A therapist to be in your corner, routing for you/your relationship and helping you to find your meaning and transformation.

My Online Therapy Practice

I now live in London, where I have an online therapy practice where I offer supportive therapy for people just like you. People who may struggle to fit therapy into their schedule or can’t find an English speaking therapist in their area.

I work with individuals, couples and couples in long distance relationships.

I’m a qualified psychologist and I use video chat (zoom) for my sessions which means that we can see each other when we talk and you can get the full benefit of personal therapy from your own couch.

My hope is that more expats in Asia can get the support they need, when they need it.  Helping them to really make the most of their travelling experience.

For more info as well as my vlog and blog you can check out my website

All my love