Therapy in London

In-Person Therapy in London

While the majority of my client work is online, I also offer in-person therapy in SW London. This is because I’m aware that some people may feel more comfortable with in-person therapy sessions.  For in-person sessions we will sit together in the same room. This is opposed to online sessions in which we can see and hear each other on video chat, but we are not physically in the same room.

My home home office in Fulham, London (SW6 6SU), to view this on Google Maps click here.

The room is warm and inviting with a large l-shaped couch and comfy cushions (as seen in the picture above). My home office is just across the road from Bishops’s Park. 

I know it’s uncomfortable to start therapy with a stranger, so like to give my potential clients the chance to meet me before committing to a therapy process.  I offer a free online consultation session in which we chat briefly about what’s going on for you and outline a plan for how you can move forward.  This gives you the chance to get a sense of how I work so that you can see if you feel that we will work well together.

While the consultation is online, if you decide to continue therapy with me we can have in-person sessions thereafter. You can book a free online consultation here.